Thursday, June 3, 2010

the right music and fancy monopoly

i spent a good chunk of the afternoon going through all the papers and books the kids had emptied out of their backpacks that had been tossed in the front hall since the last day of school 3 days ago. this was part of lulu's writing portfolio.

My family likes to go camping. We have a motor home that is silver with one brown stripe on the sides of it. Last year we went to Lincoln Lake. We stopped when I was asleep. My sister woke me up and we played sword fights with sticks.

After a while we went swimming. Me and Annabel made up routines and built sand castles. I loved the cool water it made me feel like a mermaid.

At Lincoln Lake there was 1 shop, 2 playgrounds and lots of motor homes.

I would ride my bike to a horse camp but they would not let you in unless you had a horse so I would stare at horses. When my mom called me for dinner I rode my bike back. My dad would cook over a fire while my mom tried to find the right music.

I would eat 1/2 of my dinner so game time would happen faster.

We played monopoly fancy style.

After that it was night time so we set out the beds and fell asleep and I dreamed of the next fun camping trip ever at Lincoln Lake.


Sherri said...

thru the eyes of a child our lives become so much more vivid and the smallest things make the best memories - this is a shared and cherished treasure, thank you for sharing it

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