Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter

we're not exactly regular church-goers. i'm a bit of reluctant catholic. but that good ol' catholic guilt always makes an appearance around the holidays and i feel a need to drag everyone off to church.

so i start making arbitrary "we're going to go to church" announcements. sometimes weeks in advance. sometimes days. sometimes i just spring it on the kids on the actual day of the most holy holiday of the year just as they dig into their baskets. my husband says i should work on my timining.

so annabel goes downstairs and announces to lulu
mom says we're going to church.

to which lulu responds
what! that's gonna ruin the whole day.

and then annabel says
lulu! it's a big day. it's the day jesus rose from the dead.
but, it's not like he's a zombie or anything.


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