Friday, June 11, 2010


annabel, in a massive and determined hunt for a camera to bring to camp (mostly because her mom didn't really want to buy a disposable camera knowing it would never get sent off to get developed - that's so old school); found an old digital camera that i was pretty sure had seen better days; but i popped some new batteries in and sent her off to camp hoping for the best & thinking maybe she'll get at least a couple of pictures.

annabel has been home and fairly camp-weary comatose on the couch now for a couple of hours. i found our old school card reader and just downloaded all her camp pictures - the camera did indeed work, she got 95 shots. sadly, i have not even looked at them yet, cause these caught my eye:


Judi said...

i love this. :) when will you know about the hyde park blast? i am having webster withdrawels.

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